ColourfulHope is a mental health blog, focusing on recovery, self-love and self-care by Devon blogger, Ruth Shapter. 

After searching through the internet for mental health advice and something that made me feel a little less alone, I came across a blog called AnxiousLass. It is owned by another UK blogger like myself and her content really resonated with me. After reading through almost every post and discovering other brilliant mental health bloggers, I realised that is what I wanted to do. So, I created my own mental health blog with my own personal tips and experiences. 

ColourfulHope was born in 2018. The meaning behind the name links to my love for colouring (and other self-care practices) and how there is always hope. This has and always will be the main message for my blog. I want you to leave my blog believing in the possibility of a happy life regardless of how you are feeling right now. 

Starting a mental health blog has helped me so much with my own mental health and has helped me to connect with amazing people who went or are going through similar things to me. I have struggled with anxiety, social anxiety and depression for many years now and I have overcome and dealt with so much over those years. 

The worst of it started in college when I had a panic attack and passed out in the street. Now after years of lots of self-love, self-care, CBT therapy, antidepressants and more, I am finally able to manage myself and my mental health much better. My confidence has improved so much since my first major panic attack. So much so, that I am now a supervisor in a shop. Crazy, right? 

I created this mental health blog because I want to people like me back then. I want to supply a safe space and inspire and give hope to as many people as I possibly can. 

a little about me

My name is Ruth and I live in a city in the South West of the United Kingdom. I live with my parents, brother and beautiful cat (Poppy). Poppy is my absolute world, you may see me mention her once or twice on my social media as she helps me so much with my mental health and makes me smile every single day. I work as a Supervisor in a shop full time at the moment, although the dream is to make this blog my full time job and even write a book. 

I absolutely love BTS (My biases are Namjoon and Yoongi if you care), and my favourite TV show is Parks and Recreation. I think I have binge-watched it around 10 times. Not kidding. 

My inbox is always open if you need someone to talk too. I can try and give you the best advice that I can. 

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